Friday, December 28, 2007

Special announcement for retailers

Through careful investigation, I have determined that Christmas will fall on December 25th next year.  Instead of stocking up on decorations and "gift sets" before Halloween, maybe you could use that information to work out schedules and make sure you have enough of those special hard-to-come-by items like Dr Pepper.

Geez, I know the bottling plant is a whole fourteen miles of treacherous dead-straight four-lane rural highway from here, but you'd think they could get in an extra load rather than have only one six pack left in the store by 9AM on Christmas Eve.

Even more annoying is to wander into the stores now, and see how many normal-stock items are still sold out, while piles of seasonal stuff are still taking up space as the prices slowly get lower.  This is why I usually bury gift cards in my wallet until about March, when they've decided to restock the stuff I want.  OTOH, this year, I was looking for some unusual enough items that I was able to get most of them right away.


emergencyem said...

Dublin Dr. Pepper...made with real sugar...


KD5NRH said...

I'd post a rant on the formula change, but it would most likely turn into incoherent obscenity pretty quickly.

I'm just glad I live close enough to Dublin that all the stores here still carry the real thing, though you have to be careful, since they all carry the other stuff too.