Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fort Hood

I never met the shooter, don't know him, don't want to know him, and I'm tired of seeing his name and picture plastered all over the damn place. As far as I'm concerned, he doesn't deserve a name, so he can just be "the shooter" from now on. Let's remember these names instead.

(The list of wounded is obviously not complete, specific injuries and ranks may be a bit mixed up, as some were listed differently from one article to the next. One might think the reporters could have the facts straight by now. If anyone has information on the other wounded, please comment, and I'll update the list.)


  • Spc Keara Bono: Wounded in head and back, already back to work and still hoping to deploy on schedule.

  • PFC Amber Bahr: Pass-through wound to back, dragged another wounded soldier out of the area and provided first aid.

  • PFC Justin Johnson: Wounded in back and foot. Was able to walk again within a few days.

  • Sgt Paul Martin: Wounded in back, leg, and both arms. Was carried out by an unnamed soldier during the incident. Expects to deploy late.

  • Sgt John Pagel: Wounded in arm and chest. Back at work.

  • Pvt George Stratton III: Wounded in shoulder. Recovering.

  • Sgt Joy Clark: Wounded in arm while rendering aid to another wounded soldier.

  • Cpl. Nathan Hewitt: Wounded in hip and calf.

  • Pvt Ray Saucedo: Wounded in arm. Back at work.

  • Spc Grant Moxon: Wounded in leg. Recovering.

  • PFC. Joseph Foster: Wounded in hip. Hoping to deploy on time.

  • Spc Matthew Cooke: Wounded five times in torso and head while helping another wounded soldier. Recovering slowly.

  • Maj Randy Royer: Wounded in arm and leg. Recovering.

  • Pvt Alan Carroll: Wounded twice in arm and once in side. Recovering and hoping to deploy.

  • Cpt Dorothy Carskadon: Wounded twice in hip. Recovering.

  • Sgt Chad Davis: Wounded three times in shoulder and back while moving to subdue the shooter. Recovering.

  • CWO Christopher Royal: Wounded three times in side and back, also while moving to engage shooter during a reload. Recovering.

  • Sgt Alonzo Lunsford: Wounded in stomach and head. Recovering.

  • Spc Logan Burnette: Wounded in hip, arm and hand. Recovering.

  • Sgt Shawn Manning: Wounded six times in chest, abdomen, leg and foot. Recovering.

  • 2LT Brandy Mason: Wounded in hip. Recovering.

  • Sgt Patrick Zeigler: Wounded four times in torso and head. In neurological rehab, possibly paralyzed on left side.

  • Sgt Patrick Blue III: Wounded in side by bullet fragments while running to the scene. Back at work.

  • Sgt Amy Krueger

  • Michael Cahill, civilian contractor

  • Sgt Justin DeCrow

  • Cpt John Gaffaney

  • Spc Jason Hunt

  • PFC Aaron Nemelka

  • PFC Michael Pearson

  • Cpt Russell Seager

  • Pvt Francheska Velez

  • LtC Juanita Warman

  • Spc Kham Xiong

  • Maj Libardo Cavareo

  • Spc Frederick Greene