Monday, March 9, 2009

Hat etiquette

I'd like to raise a question, particularly to those who wear a hat as part of a uniform, but also to anyone who wears a hat on a regular basis: what rules of etiquette do you try to follow regarding your headgear?

For those with uniform hats, does your department publish specific rules regarding hat etiquette, and if your uniform includes multiple headgear options, (department ball cap, more formal brimmed hat, brimless knit cap, etc.) do they vary based on the hat itself? Are women in the same uniform hat expected to follow the same rules? Do you alter those rules to suit certain situations, or just flat out follow what your parents taught you regardless of policy?

For reference: Evil Swede's Guide to Hat Etiquette.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sometimes film works best

I probably could have gotten pretty much the same shot with digital, and I wouldn't have had to wait a couple days until I dug out the developing stuff to see what it looked like, but somehow this just feels right with black and white film. Besides, I feel safe in saying that the negatives will still be fine in 25-30 years when her kids will get to see this.

Libby just after birth, in the warmer, black and white photo.