Saturday, December 8, 2007


Remember when Paris Hilton was picked up for probation violation and 70 in a 35 on a license that was suspended for DUI, and they were telling us how normal it is for anyone picked up on such charges to serve less than a week of a 40+ day sentence?  (OK, in fairness, she actually had to serve a grand total of 22 days, but still not the 45 she was sentenced to)

So why is Keifer Sutherland getting shafted for the full 48 days?  Maybe he should cry and come up with an "unspecified medical condition."

OTOH, IMO, if you get probation and then violate it, you should be locked up for the remainder of your original sentence, plus whatever they decide to tack on for the violation.  You had your second chance and blew it, so stop whining and take your punishment.

Now, back to my usual not giving a damn about anything that has to do with Paris Hilton.

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emergencyem said...

"That's hot."

Haha, atleast that's what Paris would say. I just put up a post that you'll probably enjoy.