Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bad computer...

For those wondering,my laptop's hard drive crashed a few days ago, and I've just finally managed to get the bluetooth connection to my cell phone working, and finish downloading the new Ubuntu install CD. (actually Xubuntu, in this case)  At the moment, I'm running from a PuppyLinux LiveCD, and I'll be hanging on to the settings and the CD in case of future problems, but I'll probably be limping along for a couple more days until I get Ubuntu 7.10 installed and configured from scratch.

I know I could just do this stuff from the desktop machine, but I've put off updating it even longer than the laptop, so I can never remember where stuff is on it.  Since it's got the printer, and that seems to die or develop new problems with every software change, I dread having to do any updates on that machine.

FWIW, I noticed that Staples is running the Sandisk Cruzer 2G flash drives with an instant savings that brings them down to $20.  I think I know where I'll be backing up the PuppyLinux settings.


emergencyem said...

yay! ur back!

KD5NRH said...

More or less...two attempts to get Xubuntu installed have failed, so I've got Bittorrent sucking up every last bit of my home account's bandwidth trying to get regular Ubuntu downloaded so I can try to install it before I go to bed.

OTOH, PuppyLinux seems like a heck of a good backup plan now that I've got it recognising the bluetooth link to the cell phone. The LiveCD fits on a pocket-size CDR, and settings and personal files are saved to my new 2GB flash drive, so I can effectively carry a ready-to-use backup OS around in my pocket.

emergencyem said...

I have no idea what you just said.

Well...kinda. I know what bluetooth is and I know what a flash drive is. Haha.

Glad you're "more or less" back though.