Friday, October 9, 2009

Revolver reload

Some people have asked about my backwards reloading method with a revolver, (loading with the weak hand, while maintaining a more-or-less firing grip with the strong hand, as opposed to the "normal" method of transferring the gun to the weak hand, loading with the strong hand, and switching it back afterward) so I figured I'd try a video to clear it up a bit.

The casings coming out are fired and unsized, so four of the five do not drop free without the ejector. The speedloader is a Safariland Comp I.
What I find is that this method allows me to fire (or simply cover an area) one-handed while I get the speedloader out and ready, then reload quickly and get back into action without having to change hand positions multiple times.
The closing of the cylinder looks a bit more violent than it actually is, though I have yet to hear of anyone being particularly gentle with it in an actual encounter.

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