Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well, that's the first part done...

...just 18 years to go.

Libby, a few minutes after birth, resting quietly in the warmer.
Libby and Jessica having some mother-daughter bonding time.


Snigglefrits said...

What a beautiful girl! Congratulations.

I got here by way of your sobriety checkpoint comment at LawDawg's...I doused the monitor in coffee and woke up a child I laughed so hard.

Thanks for the laugh and enjoy that precious little lady!

KD5NRH said...

Thanks; she's being good for me, but then, I work nights and I'm a deep sleeper, so I don't notice whether she's yelling during the day.

One of the big advantages of breastfeeding is that a hungry baby is mommy's problem...nothing I can do for her until we get a supply of milk built up. :)