Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things are settling down

Vacation's over. After a couple more days at the 12x7 contract, it's over, and I'm just covering a couple extra shifts so the guys that were having to work 12x7 at my regular contract during the other one can get some time off.

I've been slowly going through the photos from the vacation as time allows. I've got almost all of the B&W film developed and scanned, and it looks like about 600-700 shots total. Obviously, not everything turned out, and a lot are near-duplicates for exposure bracketing, but I'm guessing around 50-75 keepers by the time I get through adjusting exposure levels, touching up dust on the film scans, etc.

Here are a couple of my favorites so far:


Full set of the ones I've gone over so far at Flickr.


askmsrecipe said...

The pictures are very nice.Looks you had a nice vacation.

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KD5NRH said...

Thanks! It was a fun trip.

I just wish it had lasted a bit longer, and that I hadn't been stuck with that vile work schedule as soon as I got back. It really killed the relaxation of the last couple days knowing that I'd be stuck out in the heat 12+ hours a day within 12 hours of getting home.