Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The aliens are pretty safe

Well, here's the first attempt at Conservative UAW Guy's Postal Match with the .357 Blackhawk.  I'll have to try this again with the .45 once my arms stop shaking from the gas weedeater and my hits (hopefully) get less random.

Those things are pretty small from 10 yards.  OTOH, I also take comfort in a few common facts: 10 yards is the maximum range for the vast majority of defensive shootings, and those 8.5x11" sheets are roughly the size of the center-mass target area on most people.


EE said...

Hey, nice!

KD5NRH said...

Thanks; it's really hard to judge just how hard something's actually going to be from 10 yards until you actually look at it from that distance. Since most of my attempts at precise shooting are with rifles from stable positions a lot farther back, I thought this would be easier until I actually tried hitting those little things from a standing unsupported position.

The good news is that, unless I'm trying to hit a weak spot in body armor, I only need them on the paper to call them useful defensive handgun shooting.