Sunday, March 16, 2008

Car Emergency Kit Idea

Had a thought; I carry antifreeze premixed in the car, in a normal antifreeze jug relabeled in Sharpie.  This takes up some trunk space, so I'm thinking I could increase its usefulness.

There's spraypaint out there formulated especially for painting plastic, and it comes in blaze orange.  I also have some circular retroreflective decals for driveway marking and such.  I'm thinking that if I remove the labels on the antifreeze jug and paint it orange, then apply a couple of the decals, it will not only serve when I need antifreeze, but it could double as a safety cone any other time I have to stop on the road.

Anybody used the plastic-specific spraypaint?  I think I'll try this, and a couple other ideas I've had for improving the car kit, and maybe put up a detailed post about it as soon as we have nice enough weather to really dig everything out and update it all.


Scott said...

Efficiency! I have no idea about that paint though. I have survival stuff in my little Kia Rio. But if I ever broke down the first thing I would do is call Kia. THEN if I couldn't reach them or they couldn't send somebody, I would get into survival mode.

KD5NRH said...

Well, I'm sure that works just fine for you fancy lads, but if I call Mazda to tell them the '02 Protege is broken, all they'll say is "Duh, what'd you expect?" :P

Besides, even though we have Geico's roadside assistance, it generally takes a minimum of 45 minutes from breakdown to getting it hooked up to the tow truck. Depending on the weather and the location, that could require some survival gear.