Thursday, January 10, 2008

My late Christmas present to myself

I put in some extra hours over the holidays, and had a bit extra on my paycheck, so I went looking for something in either a classic single action, or a good hunting handgun.  This one was both, and a fitting big brother for my carry gun, so I just had to grab it.

It almost seems odd that they both use the same ammo.  I've definitely gotten toughened up to the magnum loads from shooting the snub, though; the Blackhawk feels downright tame even with the hottest stuff I had on hand.


Scott said...

I'm confused. Your snub kicks harder than the Blackhawk? I guess I don't understand gun physics...

KD5NRH said...

Hmm...looks like all the good articles on recoil are dealing with rifles and shotguns. I'll have to look around a bit more, but for now, the biggest factors in revolver felt recoil are weight of the gun and overall design; the more weight the gun has, the less it will be accelerated rearward by the force pushing the bullet forward. The Blackhawk is dramatically heavier than the 605, so it accelerates about 60-70% as much from the force.
In terms of design, the Blackhawk is also designed to rotate upward in the hand morfe dramatically than modern defensive designs under recoil, absorbing even more of the energy, but at the cost of bringing the gun farther off-target and delaying a followup shot.